Development cost and donations

why this page ?

Funding in Free Software nearly don't exist

I realize that funding in Free Software Project nearly don't exist except for some big projects. Donations was complicated until recently.

Creation of funding plateforms like Patreon or Tipeee, who target artistic creation more than software creation, show that people are ready to support creation.

Why Free Software Development can't follow the same path ?

Free Software is an incremetal creation. We can't use the model base on donation for each new release.

Different versions don't have the same value because the time spent depends from one version to another : it's possible that I release 5-10 minor versions in a month. Some month see multiple versions released and some other none.

It will be interesting to have stable incomes threw time. The plateforms quoted above allow monthly donation, but they require a reward system for each contribution, I have very few to offer for this. These plateforms live on donation by taking a fee on them.

It exist other plateforms like Liberapay, that target developers and free software. We talk here on weekly payement and the plateform fund itself by donation not fee on donation you make to people or project.

At this time of crowdfunding, I have faith that we can find a way to fund free software projects, if we communicate correctly and federate people.

Funding ok, but how much worth your work?

it's a big question and it's difficult to answer. When I talk about funding Free Software, I think about giving to Free Software Developers, paid time outside of their daily work to allow them to work on their projects.
But all projects can't be funded and not at the real value of the software.

In regards to the value of my work, it's difficult to estimate, I can give it in duration but duration don't speak much. I have choose to express it like follow : the amount calculated correspond to what I charge a customers to make this application. I have made an unprecise estimation because I have not watch the time spend on it, I will try to watch it more in the future to make the estimation more accurate.

Why I accept donations ?

Receiving donation or not, I will continue to develop and maintain my applications. I will add some more in the list bellow in a near futur. I have plenty project in different state in my box but haven't an infinite time to spend on them. I'll love to work 40-50 hours a week on my projects, but currently it's unfortunately impossible because, to live, we need money and therefore spend time on things that bring back money because donation are not high enough.
Donation are for me an another way to earn money to allow me to spend more time on my projects and less on my customers projects.

Currently donation represent 4.01€ a week (3 donators) from Liberapay, 1€ a month from Tipeee and 80€ monthly from direct donation.

More than these donations, Goblim and LPCProg are partly funded by friends to initiate them. 2000€ for LPCProg and 1000€ for Goblim, it explain why their progress bar are more advance than Blood Donation. Blood Donation is on the playstore with ads in it, that earn in 4 year of existence 20€
My goal is not to broke you for me but, if you are able to afford it and that you are numerous to give a few dozen cents each week, it will do a lot at the end.

To support me : Donate using Liberapay or Donate using Tipeee or a "thank you" on social networks 🙂

My Projects


Goblim let you share your photos on the server of your choice. Use your own server to regain control of your privacy :

Lutim (Let’s Upload That Image) is a free sharing pictures server that you could install on your own server (self-host, VPS, Dedicated Server, Cloud).

Blood Donation

Blood Donation is an independant initiative. It allows user to manage donation to the French Establishment of Blood (EFS) in an easy way. It allows you to :


Lpcprog is an Android application that let you find and flash your NXP's LPC Microcontroller.

LPCProg is a port of lpcprog for linux available here with some new functions.


Exodus Privacy lets you know what trackers are embedded in apps installed on your smartphone. It lets you also know the permissions required by any apps on your smartphone. It helps you take your privacy back! It use Exodus Privacy analysis to display data.


Projects that I can't develop now due to available time to spend on them

The list I made here is far from completeness but this is projects I want to do more. Projects that unfortunately I can't make in an acceptable time because I have to work on customers projects. All these projects will be Free Software. These projects even if I made them for me, are not only made to be used only by me if people want to use them, I don't force anybody. Goals fixed on Tipeee or Liberapay are made to make this sort of projects and more. Live from donation to make this sort of projects seems to me to be a good goal of life. I will continue to work on projects above in the same time.

Exodus Live Analysis

Android app that allow live analysis of trackers utilisations by show to the user domains access by different apps on the phone. The goal is to forward results to Exodus Privacy if user want to help (Nothing mandatory due to privacy concern)

Cozy Music

Web and mobile application working with CozyCloud in order to use the music library I have in it, in order to replace spotify in my usage.

"Smart" Miror

Miror with integrated screen that use transparency to display informations(meteo, agenda,...) The goal is to be a DiY project that eveybody can do at less cost possible.

"Meteo" Station

Using LPC Modules from Techno-Innov, make a meteo station to have temperature, humidity from each room by transmiting informations by Radio Frequency 868MHz to a Raspberry pi or an equivalent. All of this used with an Android app and a web server to look at informations.


Android Application for Peertube.


Android application for PixelFed whith filter management, timeline and multi-profile